Norris 20/26® System

Norris System

The Norris 20/26 System is a passive self-ligating orthodontic option that creates spectacular smiles in less time with more control of all tooth movements.

Passive self-ligating braces are a type of orthodontic braces designed to straighten teeth and correct bite issues more efficiently and comfortably than traditional braces. Instead of using elastic bands (ligatures) to hold the archwire in place, passive self-ligating braces have a built-in sliding door or clip mechanism. This clip holds the archwire securely within the bracket. The sliding mechanism also reduces friction between the bracket and the archwire, allowing for smoother tooth movement.

What makes the Norris 20/26 System an elite PSL system?

  • Each bracket is created uniquely for each tooth to create unmatched bond strength. This means fewer broken brackets and emergency visits to our office.
  • A smaller bracket slot means better control of tooth movement—up to 26% more efficient!
  • Reciprocal bracket slot doors reduce the pressure on the teeth during adjustments and wire change appointments.
  • Extra-broad archwires afford a greater range of motion and can even be effective in correcting crossbites.
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