BRIUS® Orthodontics

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BRIUS is a revolutionary, autonomous, custom-made lingual orthodontic system that moves each tooth independently with light forces, without a need for any adjustments. Treatment with BRIUS is much faster than with aligners or traditional braces because it moves the teeth in all dimensions, simultaneously and as efficiently as possible.

BRIUS never stops working from the moment is bonded to the back of your teeth until the day it is removed. With BRIUS, treatment takes months instead of years, which saves you time and money.


The BRIUS Revolution

  • Fewer Office Visits: Since BRIUS doesn’t require adjustments, your visits to our office will be few.
  • Effective for All Ages: BRIUS has been tested for all ages, from children to adults, and for different cases, including complicated treatments.
  • Aesthetic: BRIUS is invisible, because it is bonded to the back of the teeth.
  • Convenient: You can brush and floss as normal during treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthier!
  • Comfortable: BRIUS applies a very light force to the teeth, which means tooth sensitivity is minimum with BRIUS!
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